Saturday, August 12, 2006


The great guy who got my #17 twinnie liked it so much that he became my first repeat customer and got the #16 singlefin too. I only let him have it because he promised to take good care of it.

So that means two things...

First, you're about to see another testimonial.

Second, since the board-building fund is newly replenished, you'll be seeing some new boards here soon.

But first, the feedback.

"Yes!!! Finally took the board out this evening in 2-4 ft. windslop and it performs amazingly well even in such crappy conditions. For starters, it's nice and loose and very nimble, unlike my full-size longboards. I was connecting sections like a madman - nice speed and glide, and it's momentum carries really well. I get the impression this board might actually excel in the bigger stuff/overhead. I'm anxious to give it a go when the hurricanes start rolling in. Now here's the part that blew my mind... I was getting consistent hang-fives on this deck. I'm using a Turbo Tunnel fin, and that might help, but it was pretty cool to be hauling ass across the face of the wave with my front toes skimming the water on a board that's under 7 feet!

And yes, the abalone is gorgeous in both sunlight and moonlight (my session went well past sundown tonight.)

Man, Jarrod. You make really nice boards! Thanks again! "

Can't argue with that kind of enthusiasm, now can I? Thank you Jonathan!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making contact

After an online friend shared this blog with the local surfing scene (thanks , I've gotten some interest in more information.

So, if you want more information, or just to shoot the shit, you can email me directly at mostlyharmlesssurfboards at (@) Yahoo dot (.) com Sorry, got to break up the address so the address-mining bots don't put me on all the Penis Enlargement, Low-Cost Home Loans, and Nigerian Lottery email lists.