Friday, October 10, 2008

6'2" x 21 x 2 5/8" Quad Compsand

No clever name, just a quad fin setup on my favorite outline template.

Only thing really unique on this board is the rail, which was built out with a high-density foam called Divinycell instead of multiple layers of balsa. Much easier to work with, and it shaved probably two hours off of the build time on this one.

El Caracol 5' 9.75" x 21" x 2.875"

Fun little experimental board.

EPS core, XPS rails covered with carbon fiber. Skins are Alder veneer with a deckpatch of balsa under the "traffic areas" to keep it from crushing under my heavy feet.

Shortest shape I've made for myself, but surprisingly functional. I took it out just to test it when we got the swell from hurricane Gustav. I fully expected that it would be to small and squirrelly for "real" waves, but I wound up riding it all day into solid overhead surf.