Thursday, June 18, 2009

Westcoast Demo board

This thing is freakin' sweet! I made it to send out to the west coast as a demo. I'm on a couple of online message boards, and have always had a lot of interest in my boards from the SoCal crew, but folks don't want to pull the trigger on one of my boards without knowing how they ride. So, I figured what better way than to send one out to be demoed around by a couple of trusted people.

Figured Anigre and European Beech veneers, carbon fiber rails, "secret sauce" metal-flake pinlines.

Two-piece travel board

This was another custom colaboration with Jeff. Interestingly, it was also a custom for the guy who got the bumblebee bonzer. Love those repeat customers!

This one is a more refined and developed version of the two-part travel board, with carbon-fiber rails. Shape by Jeff at Spindrift, tech by Jarrod. I made my own custom clamping system for this one, it gave me an excuse to buy that sweet little benchtop mill I've been wanting.

bumblebee bonzer 6'7"

Man, have I ever gotten behind on my board updates here!
Ok, first up, this was a custom for a very cool guy up in the cold and dark Atlantic Northeast. It was also my first colaboration with Jeff from on a custom order.
Sorry there's not more photos, don't know what happened there, I'll see if I can dig more up later.