Monday, July 07, 2008

Red boards are FASTER!

Wanted to try some different materials on this one... The initial impetus on this build was my buddy telling me I was a total tool for not riding any thrusters, or even owning one. So, hopefully this is versatile enough that if I hate it as a thruster I can do some other stuff with it. I was originally going to make something more conventional, but what would be the fun in that?

Same old 1lb eps core, but only 1/40" alder veneer for skins. The deck is supported from crushing by a balsa deckpatch under the veneer. Rails are one layer of balsa, with 1.5" of XPS foam (blue styro) outside of that.

Dims are 6'5" x 22 x 2 5/8 with a 1/4" deep concave in the deck. Bottom is mostly flat with a very mild single under the front foot. The huge center box is so I can play around with riding it as a single (didn't have a smaller, or black, box laying around), and the probox sides should give plenty of opportunity to mess with homemade fin sets.

The original plan was to tint it lightly red, and to let the blue rails show through to make the rails purplish. I kept adding pigment until I was happy with the color, and this is what came out. The grain of the wood is just barely visible, and the blue of the rails is entirely obscured.


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